TellThemWhen was born from a frustration of having no option but hook up beautifully designed websites to unnamed internet “world clocks” that were obviously designed (?) by programmers who were more interested in getting masses of data onto the screen, than delivering information to the end user.

We know how you cringed every time you linked up your server maintenance page to it. We understand that really, you had no choice but to subject your users to to pain of having to hunt through 200 time zones on a single page to find out what 7:30pm in Berlin was for them.

We get it.

So we created TellThemWhen.

We launched fast, we are developing as fast and you will see many updates fly through the system soon. You can follow us on twitter as @tellthemwhen if you want to keep up to date of new enhancements and updates.

Otherwise, let us know any ideas you have on how you would like the site to develop. You can tweet us, or email us, we don’t mind!

The TellThemWhen team.