Welcome to TellThemWhen.com!

People are everywhere, in many time zones. TellThemWhen allows you to let your users, staff or clients know what time something important is going to happen, for free without registering.

You tell us what time, and what time zone an event will happen, and we give you a page you can share with whomever you want. Navigating to this private page, they can see your event automatically updated with their time zone.

Simple. But all good ideas are. Try it on your next maintenance page or email and feel your users praise your wisdom… or at least know that you can TellThemWhen it’s happening!

Have a look around and then register. We are sure it is the web product you didn’t know you were looking for.

User Dashboard

TellThemWhen notifications dashboard As a registered user of TellThemWhen you get access to the dashboard, allowing management of the notifications you have created.

Each instance includes statistics showing you how many times it has been viewed, allowing you to track approximate awareness of an event. The dashboard also provides you with the keys to upload logos and soon, manage themes and whitebox services.

No More Maintenance Link Updates

If you run a website of your own, then you would have come across the problem of how to get the message to your users on what time scheduled maintenance will happen, in their time zone. TellThemWhen gives you a simple solution.

By putting our simple custom widget on your site, your users browsers will get automatically updated of any scheduled notification you make from your dashboard.

You simply register your site, upload the code, and then make a new notification with the time it is to start warning users, the time the maintenance starts, and when to stop notifying users.

Simple. Give it a shot, and forget about all the complex solutions, we’ve got your back.

Free Community Service

TellThemWhen notifications dashboard TellThemWhen is free for anyone to use at any time. Anyone can follow the Make a Time! link below and start sharing times online.

Send a notification link off next time you are scheduling a conference call, just to make sure everyone is on the same page on what time it is. Or let your users know your site will be down for maintenance.

Register now and start making those notifications today.

Customise Away!

TellThemWhen notifications dashboard You can upload your own logo to TellThemWhen and have it display to your users at the top of the notification instead of our logo.

Custom domains as well as themed colours are also coming shortly, allowing you to have a totally white box experience for your users.

No more confusing pages to send your users to, just a nice clean, seamless extensions of your website.

URL and API Access Soon

We understand you don’t want to go to a form and make a notification every time you want to tell your users about a time. That is why we offer a simple URL service.

You can simply craft a URL, with the time you want, the timezone it is for, a title and a message, and give this to your users and voila. Done. Want an example? OK, here and this is how you make an Instant Notification.

Our API will allow registered customers to make notifications via a simple POST request which returns a notification made for your account. You can follow us on twitter as @tellthemwhen if you want to keep up to date of new enhancements and updates.


Face Wash for Dry Skin

To clean and re-hydrate dry skin; use gentle cleansers without harsh chemicals, for best results. Herbal extracts are helpful in cleaning pores without irritating your skin. Omega 3’s along with natural oils moisturize while you clean.

The best washes to use on your dry skin are those that are cream-based and that will aid in stimulating the growth of collagen. They will also work to replenish the moisture of your skin deep within it. Gentle face washes help cracking or flaking skin, and formulas in a cream base will soothe your skin as they moisturize it. A cream such as Mederma has shown great results for many woman in all ages.

What are some good ingredients to look for?

Gentle and re-hydrating face washes will help your flaky or dry skin. Active ingredients in dry skin face washes heal your skin and protect it from flaking and cracking. Oat proteins and Aloe will renew moisture levels by nourishing your skin as they clean.

aloeParaben-free washes work better for dry skin, and if they contain proteins and glycerin, they can clean away bacteria and dirt without causing your skin to dry out. Aloe will aid in soothing flaking or cracking, while it preserves the moisture level.

Some other helpful ingredients include Aloe leaf juice, citric acid, silk protein, oats, herbal extracts and gentle oils.

How do you properly use dry skin face washes?

Use the gentle cleansers to wash your face and then rinse them off with warm water. Hot water is not recommended, since it strips your skin of moisture. Patting your skin dry rather than rubbing it will also keep moisture locked inside.

What are some of the best face washes for dry skin?

Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash is a cleanser that is not drying or abrasive. It will help in cleaning off make-up residue and it has a pleasant smell.

Pomegranate Facial Cleanser is very mild and has a wonderful smell. You need just a little to remove make-up. Users say that it leaves their skin smooth and clean, rather than tight.

Ponds Face Wash works for dry skin and oily skin, too. It is especially helpful during the summer months, since it keeps your face from perspiring as much as it otherwise would. This helps in keeping moisture inside, where you want and need it.

Do foaming face washes work well for dry skin?

Foaming cleansers make luxurious amounts of lather, while still removing dirt and debris from your skin and pores. After you rinse, your skin will feel soft and smooth, and not tight or dry. You can use foaming washes any time of day, without worrying about flaky skin.

Olay makes a Gentle Foaming Face Wash that contains Aloe. It’s great for dry or sensitive skin. This foaming wash was tested by dermatologists, and it contains no oils or soap. You only need a little bit to clean your whole face well, and the foam works very well at removing dirt and debris. Olay’s formula seems to work especially well on sensitive skin, and for times when you’re removing make-up. It has been recommended for women of middle age, since their dry skin may also be sensitive skin.

An Overview Of The Term Full Coverage Insurance For Your Car

Many auto insurance customers have found themselves unpleasantly surprised by the implication of the words, “Full Coverage” when making a claim with their automobile insurer. A full coverage policy is another term for a comprehensive policy that covers what you own and not any other properties that would be covered by a liability plan.

Full Coverage Insurance For Your Car

The Difference Between Full Coverage And Liability

Insuring yourself as a driver against liability means that your insurer will cover any costs that you incur as a result of a liability claim from another individual. In practice, that means that, if you are involved in an accident for which you are liable to pay for someone else’s damages, the insurance company will pay on your behalf. Did you know, that in Norway they call car insurance; bilforsikring.

Full coverage applies to your own property specifically, and will cover any damages that you would otherwise have to cover out of you own pocket. That means that you can make a claim for:

  • Weather damage
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Maintenance repairs and more

Full coverage will not, however, cover the payment of damages to anyone else’s property. This is exclusively the domain of liability coverage that has to be separately purchased from your insurance provider.

Which Policy Is Required By The State?

In order to drive on public roads in the United States, motorists are compelled to have liability coverage. The idea is that if you are involved in an accident, have a collision with another car or a person, your insurer can provide the money necessary to get the individual’s car back and pay for their medical expenses.

Your own property, however, is not covered by this plan. This is the reason that full coverage insurance is usually offered by insurers alongside liability plans. When you have both policies, you are largely protected from just about anything that could happen to you on the road.

Is Full Coverage Worth The Investment?

Many people shy away from full coverage because it can be slightly more expensive than simple liability coverage. This makes sense, since statistics show people are far less likely to damage other people’s property than their own, and comprehensive coverage has been linked to higher numbers of claims.

However, full coverage offers a convenient and highly attractive option for those people who can afford it, because it allows you to know that your property is safe from damage. Often, that damage can come in the form of unexpected natural disasters or the illegal actions of others (such as in the case of automotive theft).

With full coverage, you can rest easy knowing that, if your car disappears tomorrow, you can make a claim and have your insurer provide a new car of the same value. With simple liability coverage, you can only assure yourself that you will never be forced to pay for someone else’s repairs or hospital bills.

In general, full coverage auto insurance is highly recommended to all drivers, even though liability represents the legal minimum.